Prof. Nick Rengger

The Nick Rengger Award for Innovative Storytelling

A passionate supporter of the Third Generation Project, Professor Nick Rengger was world renowned as a theorist in international relations, for his ability to translate complex concepts into accessible language, and for his love of sharing stories with colleagues, students, and friends.

Academia is often critiqued for its insular conversations amongst ivory tower universities. At a time of intense cynicism towards institutions of knowledge, the Nick Rengger Award seeks to highlight students, both postgraduate and undergraduate, who recognize the privilege of knowledge and the importance of sharing it outside of academia.

Each year, we will invite students to apply their own academic concept or theory to a provided real world situation through a medium, which is accessible to the general public (podcast, poem, video, picture, photograph series, written narrative). The winner will receive £200 and their work will be displayed in the School of International Relations and on the website of the Third Generation Project.

The first concept for this year’s award competition will be announced 15 Oct. 2019