Supporting Student Initiatives

Our mission is to put those most impacted by climate change at the heart of a progressive education agenda. Young people are some of those who are and will be most impacted by climate change and are also frequently marginalised in conversations which pertain directly to their present and future lives. We seek to work with students to create meaningful dialogue and affect change within the realm of education, in a way which centres their voices and intentions. As a justice-oriented think tank we are particularly keen to collaborate with students whose initiatives focus on social and climate justice, and critical pedagogy. We are also happy to participate in student-run events, such as speaking on panels relevant to our work, if we have the capacity to at the time. If you are a member of a student initiative (whether at university, college, school or in other forms of education) and would like to collaborate with us, please contact Ali Watson For other ways to get involved with The Third Generation Project check out our page ‘Get Involved‘.

Current Collaborations

Climate Talks

The Third Generation Project is co-hosting ‘Climate Talks’, conversations on intersectional environmentalism, with the University of St Andrews Students’ Association Environment Subcommittee. To find out when these conversations will be taking place, please follow TGP on social media (buttons in the header), the subcommittees Facebook page, or contact the subcommittee directly.
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