The Emerging Researchers Programme

The Emerging Researchers Programme (ERP) is an intensive course in critical, ethical and collaborative theory, methodology and practise, which is divided into two parts.

The Programme is designed for students with a strong interest in social justice issues (particularly those directly posed or exacerbated by climate change), critical theory, and who intend to continue to postgraduate education and/or enter into research/policy-oriented careers after graduation.

Up to four spaces will be available for the 2023 cohort. The Programme is open to students at the University of St Andrews in the 3rd year. 

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Part 1: Critical Theory, Methodology, and Practice Course

The Critical Theory, Methodology, and Practice Course extends over the second semester of 3rd year, on top of the student’s chosen modules. The courses consists of eight small and intensive tutorials with TGP-affiliated staff and other academics across the spectrum of social sciences at the University of St Andrews, each session lasting 1.5 hours long.

Drawing  from  both non-Western  and  Western  methodological  frames,  and  with  a  focus upon ‘decolonising knowledge’, the workshop will provide students with a grounding in critical, participatory and anti-oppressive research  methodologies that  question and politicize  research processes  such  as  ‘fieldwork’ and ‘data analysis’, foreground the subjectivity of the researcher as a salient factor in research design, and engage in a progressive struggle to advance social justice aims. Core texts referenced throughout the course include bell hooks ‘Teaching to Transgress’ and Linda Tuhiwai Smith ‘Decolonising Methodologies.

At the end of the workshop series, students will prepare a literature review to apply some of the themes they’ve learned to their own provisional research project idea. 

Part 2: Research Project

During the first semester of 4th year, ER’s will undertake a research project on a topic of their choice that falls under TGP’s remit of ‘Education for Climate Justice’. ER’s will be expected to tailor the language of this project for a non-academic audience. Projects will be supervised by TGP staff. At the end of the semester, the research will be adapted to create a policy resource. This will be accompanied by a presentation to staff and postgraduates within the School of IR.

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