Mutual Aid Clinic (MAC)

The Mutual Aid Clinic (MAC) works with organisations led-by and working in communities that have experienced structural oppression. Our MAC team is composed of students from across years and a range of academic fields from within the University of St Andrews. They provide their time, labour and diverse sets of skills to community-based organisations strapped for resources. 

The MAC prioritises the needs and agenda of community organisations we partner with and reviews our partnership on an annual basis. In order to ensure our resources are distributed to other organisations in need, we ask our partners for projects that last no more than 2 years. We will always do our homework before beginning any project to ensure our team is knowledgeable and on the same page as our partners, so we will also ask for direction on the best resources to do this before starting a partnership.


TGP’s Mutual Aid Clinic is run as a Vertically Integrated Project (hyperlink) which runs over the course of an entire academic year. Interested students apply for the MAC in the spring semester before the start of the Clinic in September. As a University course, students will receive credits upon completion of the clinic. 

The Mutual Aid Clinic is currently working with activists from within the Scottish Gypsy Traveller community. 

The program has been running since September 2021.

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