Conversations on Intersectional Environmentalism

hosted by The Students' Association Environment Subcomittee & The Third Generation Project

The Third Generation Project is co-hosting ‘Conversations on Intersectional Environmentalism’ with the University of St Andrews Students’ Association Environment Subcommittee. Together we will be hosting monthly conversations on intersectionality and environmentalism with St Andrews students, faculty and members of the local St Andrews community (10 people per session). 

Bhavya Palugudi of the Environment Subcommittee describes the conversations as follows:

“These conversations, whose audience includes students,faculty and the local St Andrews community, aim to encourage the participants to engage with intersectional environmentalism, especially with its relation to colonialism and power imbalances between communities and countries.

This is a safe space for people from various oppressed groups to be heard and critique environmentalism. Participants are also encouraged to realise privileges they may have and identify how they allow mainstream environmentalism and sustainable choices to be more accessible. Ultimately, the goal is to start a conversation on how environmentalism cannot be used to oppress already marginalised people.”


Coming soon!