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Are you a student?

The Emerging Researchers Programme

The Emerging Researchers Programme (ERP) is an intensive 1 and a half year course designed to train aspiring researchers in critical, ethical and collaborative theory, methodology and practise. It is divided into 2 parts and is intended only for 3rd year undergraduates at the University of St Andrews.

Supporting Student Initiatives

We seek to collaborate with students: to work with them to create meaningful dialogue and affect change within the realm of education, in a way which centres their voices and intentions. 

As a justice-oriented think tank we are particularly keen to collaborate with students whose initiatives focus on social and climate justice, and critical pedagogy.

Are you on the frontlines of climate change?

The Frontline

Our blog The Frontline seeks to spotlight individuals and communities who are dealing with the inequities and violence posed by global systems of environmental, economic, racial, and cultural inequality. 

Our interviews are with people with whom we hold working relations or who have reached out and offered their time. All articles and photos are reviewed and approved by The Frontline contributors.

If you would like to be interviewed for or contribute to The Frontline, please email us at

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Together we can build a world  in which action around social inequities and climate injustices is shaped by communities on the frontline.