Emerging Researchers Programme

The Emerging Researchers Programme is an intensive 1-year course designed to train aspiring researchers in critical, ethical, and collaborative theory, methodology, and practice.

This course officially began in 2018 with the mission to train undergraduates looking to continue their higher education or to enter research-intensive careers. Not only has the practice of academic research continued to remain extractive and uncritical of its own history, but many undergraduate and graduate programmes spend little time teaching the importance of ethical and critical research theory, methodology, and practice.

The Emerging Researchers Programme is divided into 2 parts and is intended only for 3rd year undergraduates.


The first part is the Critical Theory, Methodology, and Practice (CTMP) Course, which extends over the second semester of 3rd year. This involves (6) small and intensive tutorials with academics across the spectrum of social sciences at the University of St Andrews. Students take these tutorials on top of their modules. While students are given only several readings to prepare for the week’s tutorial, they are expected to actively engage and pull apart the readings. Weekly topics range from critical theory, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, participatory action research, Gender and Queer theory, to Indigenous and Postcolonial theory and research methodologies. Students will then be given fieldwork simulations whereby they will conduct qualitative or quantitative method around a given research question. The final portion is a 4,000 word essay due at the end of the semester that addresses a topic covered during the course. Students will have to prepare for a 15 minute oral defense of their paper at the end of the programme.

For the second part of the ERP, graduates of the CTMP course become in-residence Emerging Researchers with TGP during the first semester of their 4th year. During this time, they will develop a small research project with the staff of TGP. This is meant to prepare students who are intending to apply for further higher education and to help start establishing their research agendas. At the end of the semester, they will present their projects at a public event. If there are ongoing projects at the Third Generation Project that require assistance, Emerging Researchers can also opt instead to become programme assistants and assist TGP staff (providing funding is available).

Applications for the next cohort of the Emerging Researchers Programme will open 15 October 2019.