The Third Generation Project
Rethinking Rights, Informing Change


TGP Summer Program
to Jul 8

TGP Summer Program




The Third Generation Project is offering a two-week Summer School course that is designed to give students both a theoretical and a practice-based understanding of the concept of third generation rights. Drawing from both non-Western and Western methodological frames, and with a focus upon 'decolonising knowledge' the course will provide students with a grounding in the history of collective rights before moving on to examine their significance in contemporary international society. 


A key element of the course is the interaction that will take place between students, and practitioners and community organisers working within the collective rights field. This interaction will provide an invaluable exposure to, and grounding in, the skills sought in entry-level employees in this field. In addition, practitioners that we have discussed this course with have highlighted the significance of having this interaction between academia and practitioner that is so key in developing practice-based skills.

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