The Third Generation Project
Rethinking Rights, Informing Change

Corporate and State Accountability

From Standing Rock to the Amazon to the Congo, communities fighting for their human rights and for future generations are up against well-funded and militarized corporate and state entities. Non-violent human rights and environmental activists have become targets of anti-terrorism legislation, as found in Canada, Brazil, and Ethiopia, and many are increasingly targeted by state and corporate sponsored security forces. On top of this, governments and corporations abuse the lack of regulations and enforcement that exists in cross-border operations and in low-income countries and regions around the world.

We remain committed to shining the spotlight on this culture of impunity that allows corporations and state governments to perpetrate violence and abuse the rights of communities and peoples. This means more than just holding states and corporations accountable to often inadequate human rights institutions. We believe Free, Prior, and Informed Consent is paramount to the environment surrounding any relationship between corporate and state entities and communities and peoples.