From the Frontline of Line 3: Sheila Lamb

I was an expert witness speaking about Indigenous medicines and the harmful effects of extractive industries in regard to sex trafficking and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) .

Teach The Future: The Scottish Youth Advocating for Climate Education Reform

Lily – “If our generation is going to be the one to fix the problem, then we need to be taught about it.” The Frontline this time returns to Scotland, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to interview representatives from the Scottish branch of Teach the Future (TTF), our newest partner organisation. […]

‘We need global action on climate change’: Flooding & Covid-19 in Gambella, Ethiopia

‘We need global action on climate change’: Flooding and Covid-19 in Gambella, Ethiopia In this edition of Frontline TGP’s Deputy Director Bennett Collins is in conversation with Nyikaw Ochalla, Executive Director of the Anywaa Survival Organisation (ASO), an organisation focused upon empowering Indigenous rural communities in southwestern Ethiopia. For many years Nyikaw and ASO have […]

Scottish Gypsy Travellers’ Life Under Lockdown

Scottish Gypsy Travellers’ Life Under Lockdown As an international think tank based in Scotland it is fitting that we begin this blog series with a post about a community right here at home; a community whose voice and struggles have been routinely silenced at every opportunity for the past 500 years. The Scottish Gypsy Travellers […]