The Frontline

The Third Generation Project’s mission is to put the people most impacted by climate change at the heart of a progressive education agenda.

For our blog this means working with front-line communities to tell their own stories.

We opened our blog, The Frontline, with a series on the Coronavirus and how it’s impacting individuals and communities who are already dealing with the inequities and violence posed by global systems of environmental, economic, racial, and cultural inequality. We began The Frontline as a means of spotlighting individuals and communities who can speak to how this violence and inequity manifests itself in order better inform our actions and yours. 

Our interviews are with people with whom we hold working relations or who have reached out and offered their time. All articles and photos are reviewed and approved by contributors to The Frontline. If you would like to be interviewed for The Frontline, please email our communications coordinator Annabelle von Moltke at